Established in 2017, The Shot Shoppe is a new venture by Lynn Bernardi & Andy Schwartz - the owners of Stylish Detroit, Michigan's leading real estate and architectural photography company. 

While we are currently best known by our interiors work, we actually got our start in photography back in 2007 when we created West Park Photography, a studio that specialized in high quality, photojournalism-style wedding photography. Shooting weddings for a decade was in many ways a trial by fire. It was a our job to "make it work" no matter what time restraints, bad weather, or unfavorable locations were thrown at us. As perfectionists who place a very high value on creating quality images, shooting weddings forced us to learn our craft inside and out. 

We love the technical challenges and storytelling aspects of photographing weddings, but there's only so many years you can give up every summer weekend! So we made the transition to shooting architecture. And while that provided a better work/life balance, something was absent. We missed the challenge (and fun!) of photographing people and creating images that have an emotional impact. Coincidentally, around the time we realized this, our Realtor clients started requesting headshots, and here we are!

Our goal is simple: we want to create a portrait that you will be proud of, one that will reinforce your personal branding and provide a great first impression for you and your company. Most of our clients hate getting their photo taken, and that's ok! We will work with you and coach you throughout the session. We'll review everything before you leave, so you know you have that perfect shot. 

If you feel like you can't take a good photo, aren't photogenic, or just suck in front of a camera, guess what? We are the photographer for you.